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        • E-Farinograph for flour mill lab instruments

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        Detail Extra

        Introduction of Farinometer

        1Application Range and Characteristic

        Farinometer is a appropriative apparatus for testingthe mixing properties of a wheat dough, mainly used in agriculture breeding, foodprocessing and quality inspection , and quality control during wheat circulation.

        The characteristic of Farinometer list as follows:

        1)                  Using of advanced electronic inspection technique, evaluate test resultmore accurate and convenient.

        2)                  Using of the appropriativesoftware, Farinometer made the test result have better repeatability and reproducibility.

        3)                  Using the auto graphic recording system of computer to replacethe mechanical graph recording system, the computer calculateand evaluate the test result automatically.

        4)                  Based on a different evaluation standard, testresult can be re-evaluated after the test. The graph and data of two Farinometerin a same interface can be compared conveniently.

        5)                  Using computer to control theoperation and evaluation process, it is easily operated to user.

        2Main technique parameter

        Speed of primary mixerblade:  63r/min

        Speed of secondary mixerblade 94.5r/min

        Mixertype : 50g or 300g

        Power: 220V±10%  250W

        Test  range :010Nm

        Dimensions: 545*745*990mm

        NetWeight : 72kg 

        Environmentaltemperature: 18~25

        3Main structure and workingprinciple

        3.1.Working principle

        Using a roller mill grindwheat at a 60% flour extraction rate, add the flour and water in the mixer of Farinometer. The variationrule of resistance relative to time during the process of dough mixing isrecorded by electronic transducer. From the recorded mixing curve, the softwarewill automatically calculate the main evaluation index such as developing time,stability, degree of softening, etc.

        3.2. Mainstructure

        Driving and measuring control system

        Installed in rigidity baseand frame machine box, the driving and measuring control system is mainlycomposed of decelerated motor, electronic sensor and auto control system. The deceleratedmotor drives the mixer which running in a stated speed, electronic sensorsystem detect the mixing resistance in electronic signal, and transfers thesignal to computer and recording it.

        Auto control system make theapparatus running safely and reliably. On the control panel of machine box, itassemble main power indicator light, startup switch, stop switch and safetycontrol switch. The safety control switch makes sure the mixer blade stoprunning, so as to protect the operator when the mixer cover is opened,


        Mixer directly connect todriving and measuring system through a coupling.

        It composes of a removablemixer bowl, mixer blade and gears speed reducer. There are two mixer, 300g typeand 50g type respectively. Mixer blade are designed in series to ensure the twotype mixer get the same test results. Mixer bowl are designed in hollow insideto circulate constant temperature water, it controls the working temperature ofthe bowl at the range of 30±0.2 during thetest.

        There are two organic glasscovers on the top of mixer bowl. The upside one is removable, it covers thefour long grooves on the below cover after finished cleaning and adding ofwater and prevent evaporation of the water in the bowl. The below cover assemblinga safety switch is fixed on the back of bowl by gemel, the mixer blade stoprunning when this cover is opening. There are four long grooves distributingaround the below cover, which used to add water in the bowl by burette throughthe grooves , or scrape the flour clinging to the wall into the dough again byuse a plastic scraper.

        After put the test flour inbowl, the machine can be run. With adding water, the dough is forming, and themixing resistance increases too. The quantity of added water at a specialconsistence depend on the quality and water absorption of flour(GB/AACC/ISOstandard consistency is 500FU) . The mixing resistance will drop after theconsistency reach the peak.


        Temperature is a determinantfactor to the accurate of the dough rheology characteristic test. Therefore,the temperature of the mixer and water used in test must be controlled by the thermostatrigidly.

        The thermostat has two setsof circle loop of water. One loop keeps the mixer at a constant temperature,the other cools the mixer when Farinometer working in a high temperature environments. Itcan be work in good condition only when the thermostat connected in a correctorder.

        To 300g mixing bowl, theconstant temperature water flows in the bowl from bottom inlet, then, connectsthe top outlet of bowl and the bottom inlet of backboard by hosepipe, and finally, connects the outlet of backboard and inlet of thermostat by hosepipe.

        To 50g mixing bowl, theoutlet of thermostat should connect with left inlet of bowl, and the leftoutlet of backboard should connected with the inlet of thermostat. The rightoutlet of bowl should connect with the right inlet of backboard. The connectionshows as following figure.There are two outletsinstalled on the front cover board of thermostat, they are connected withburette and filling device tube to heat up distilled water used in test.

        Burette and filling device

        Burette and filling deviceare used for dosing the distilled water into the measuring mixer. Different burettesare used for the different measuring mixers. One kinds of burette to match with50g mixing bowl is 37.5ml of capability, the other kinds of burette to matchwith 300g mixing bowl is 225ml of capability.

        The destilled water ispumped into the burette by using the filling device. The water flows through theheating section of the thermostat in order to preheat the water to the desiredtemperature. The installation and the application of the filling device will beinstruct in following part.

        Data Processing System

        Data processing systemcomposes of a computer, a color printer and a set of appropriative software. Themeasurement signal is digitized by means of the sensor system of the Farinometerand transferred to the computer via a serial communication port. By mean of theFarinometer software, the test data are evaluated and the results are shown as Farinometerby the monitor.

        Minimum requirement ofcomputer:  Windows XP. (two communicationports needed if this computer shared with Extensograph )

        Printer:  A4 colour printer

        If the computer provide bythe manufacturer, the Farinometer software will pre-install. If the computerprovide by the user, it needs install the software before test.


        4.1. Basicrequirements

        The intended base for theinstallation of the instrument has to be clean and plane and strong enough tocarry the instrument system.

        The unpacked instrument mustto be carried very carefully.

        If the lifting tool are used,they must be fixed as near as possible to the centre of gravity of the instrumentand care must be taken not to damage any sensitive parts like control buttonsand sockets.

        The connection andadaptation points for the power supply of the instrument are recommended to belocated as near as possible to the place of installation of the instrument. Thedetailed information about the needed power supply are given in the Article 2

        The instrument should beplaced in a room with a temperature of 18~25℃(hadbetter 20~24℃).Despite the good temperature control of the measuring system, uncertain factorscould be remarkable to the result.

        The manufacturer hasprovided a list of especial tools in the annex. Apart from these, some normaltools provided for user-self.

        Electric work is onlyallowed to be installed by competent electricians. Assembly of the other partis also need to be installed by competent technical staff.

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